Seligman Unified School District #40
Seligman USD - Where everyone graduates college & career ready.

Our District

Seligman Unified School District has been preparing students for life success since 1914. At Seligman, we believe schools are an integral part of the community and should be for children. It is our job to provide a safe place for our children to grow academically and socially, nurturing their dreams, and encouraging them to reach their full potential. We believe that teaching children how to learn is more important than dictating to them what they should know.

To learn more about what each of our schools can offer your family, please visit our elementary and high school pages. We're excited to share our accomplishments with you and invite you to contact us with your feedback and support.

Belief Statement

At Seligman you will find teachers, staff, and administrators who are partners with you in the education of your child(ren). We believe:

  • Every student should have an equal opportunity to achieve his or her potential
  • Every student can be a productive member of society
  • Every student is uniquely created and needs a diverse education that can meet his or her individual needs
  • Teachers are the backbone and lifeblood of the community and should be positive role models who demonstrate a love of learning, respect, and healthful habits
  • Schools are responsible to their communities to manage money and treat people and educate students with honesty, excellence, and integrity.


We know that educating students to reach their full potential takes varied approaches to meet the needs of their varied strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer our families small class sizes and individualized instruction.

Our elementary and middle school program focuses on laying a strong foundation in reading and mathematics that will carry our students throughout the upper grades. We also encourage our students to think creatively, develop personal responsibility, and learn to communicate effectively. At Seligman Elementary, your children will have opportunity to participate in:

  • Regular core curriculum classes
  • All-day kindergarten
  • DIEBELS literacy technology
  • Physical education
  • Art
  • After-school STEM instruction

Our high school programs build on the foundations our students received in elementary school and works towards mastery in all core subjects. We also focus on developing citizenship, decision making and problem solving skills, and preparing for college/career. At Seligman High School, your children will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Core curriculum classes
  • Athletics
  • Before/After-school clubs
  • Physical education
  • Art
  • FFA
  • Student council
  • Agricultural education
  • JTED