Mr. Lindblad

Many people have been asking questions about our new superintendent Mr. Lindblad. I have taken the liberty to get these questions answered. Mr. Rick Lindblad was born in Everett, Washington. For education, Mr. Lindblad went to 4 schools; Issaquah High School, University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, Northern Colorado Master, and University of Phoenix Administration. Mr. Lindblad has had many successful careers. He played as a injured-reserved linebacker for the NFL team Denver Broncos, coached for the USFL, and coached College football. Though he loved coaching, his dream job was to be a superintendent at a k-12 school. Mr. Lindblad started to teach in 1984, then went on to be a coach. As Well as a coach and teacher. 

Mr. Lindblad is also a family man. He made the best choice ever to coach and teach at Window Rock High School in 1994. It was there, where he met his wife Lynn. They married in Reno, Nevada and had a Navajo wedding in Sawmill, Arizona. Together, they helped raise their nephew, Lawry Johnson. They have taught in Southern Arizona, Northern Arizona, Washington State, Wyoming, New Mexico, and North Dakota. Their nephew (who calls them mom and dad) is also a teacher in Zuni, New Mexico. Years later, Mr. and Mrs. Lindblad moved to Seligman to be the superintendent of the Seligman Unified School District (Mr. Lindblad) and to be a 4th and 5th grade teacher (Mrs. Lindblad). They also moved here because of the landscape and location of the town. Mr. Lindblad and Mrs. Lindblad are very happy with their jobs and are happy that they work here at Seligman, and we are happy to have them too.